Suicide Insurance

Suicide Insurance

Question: Is there a risk of denial of a payment of a life insurance claim by an Insurance Carrier from a death due to Suicide ?

Answer: YES !

FACT: A Life Insurance claim may be denied by an insurance carrier in the event of suicide during the contestable period. This risk of non-payment of death benefit by an Insurance Carrier can directly affect investors of Life Contingent Payments.

The contestable period is the initial 24 month time frame of newly issued Life Insurance Policies when an insurance carrier has the right to deny payment of the death benefit to the insured’s beneficiaries. During this 24 month period, an insurance carrier has the right to challenge a death benefit claim, and not pay such claim, in the event of a death due to suicide

  • Did you purchase a Life Contingent Payment Cash Flow stream  and are the Beneficiary or Collateral Assignee  of a life insurance policy on the life of the Seller (insured) ?
  • If yes, then your investment may be at risk in the event of the Insured’s death due to Suicide.


To eliminate the risk of an insurance claim payment being denied by an insurance carrier , due to suicide death of the insured, Atlanta Life Insurance Company is now issuing Suicide Insurance. The product is designed to protect you and your investment in Life Contingent Structured Settlements and other Life Contingent Cash Flow Payments.

Absolutely No Medical Underwriting is required to purchase our exclusive Suicide Insurance. Its fast and easy to purchase , and get the protection that you need.

The purchase of Suicide Insurance will give you the protection that no other product on the market can offer, and thus the peace of mind that goes along with eliminating a very real and significant risk to your investment.



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