Specialty Insurance

Altium Group’s Specialty Insurance division protects unconventional risk exposures through creative insurance solutions. Our primary focus is to identify, design, and then bring to market bespoke insurance products through strong and trusting relationships with US based and foreign insurance carriers.

Altium’s insurance products can be found throughout a number of different industries. We specialize in developing insurance products for contractual risk, cash-flow related investments, business transactions, tech startups, litigation and legal judgments, commercial and consumer crime, individual and group mortality, and any ascertainable net loss to a third party.

Some examples of Altium’s specialty insurance products include:

  • Liability protection for ATM credit and debit card machines.
  • Beneficiary protection for the 24 month contestability clause associated with all US life insurance policies
  • Shareholder and/or business partner protection for Death by Suicide of a Key Executive.
  • Insurance protection for certain life contingent cash-flow investments
  • Fraud protection for court ordered Structured Settlement transfers.

We are able to meet the unique risk challenges of our clients through our commitment to complete customization for each of our specialty insurance products. Our unique process helps our clients achieve a competitive edge in their respective markets.

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