Secondary Market Annuities (SMA)

Are Secondary Market Annuities Suitable for You?

Secondary Market Annuities should only be purchased by sophisticated investors who have the knowledge and understanding of the details and risks associated with this asset class.

All Secondary Market Annuities are transferred and sold in accordance with the terms of the appropriate Structured Settlement Protection Act (SSPA).

Despite best efforts to comply with the SSPA, Secondary Market Annuity transfers possess a risk of criminal fraud and violations that can be committed by any party involved in the transaction. As such, a Secondary Market Annuity may result in a reversal or vacation of its underlying court order if it is determined that the original sale was approved under false pretense.

A Vacated or Reversed order would result in the termination of future annuity payments to the investor.

Altium Group is not responsible, nor represents that it has any responsibility, for overseeing or monitoring the compliance of the SSPA by any or all of the parties directly or indirectly involved in the SMA transaction.

Investors are responsible to perform their own due diligence, research, and investigation of any SMA prior to purchase. It is highly recommended that potential investor’s of SMA transactions seek professional advice from a Certified Financial Planner, CPA and or Attorney before purchasing an SMA.


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